No matter how fabulous the location, travel lacks the element of the exquisite if the company isn’t nice. It’s why service in the hospitality industry is such a BFD, and why you choose the friends you travel with carefully.

At Villas Susana, in delightful little San Pancho, you have all the requisite luxuries of environment and the engaging geniality of the owners — Bob and Susan, in their home-away-from-home.

The house

Stacked up against an ocean hillside, each part of the house is a building unto itself, all open-air. There are three bedrooms (and bathrooms), each in their own cabanas separated by a green garden walk through lush forest, and all with ocean views.

A view of the ocean through the trees of a jungle hike.

A jungle hike to a private beach in San Pancho from Villas Susana.

It is the kitchen and living room cabana, along with the heated infinity pool that will bring your group together — for meals, cocktails, board games and/or extended hours of book reading. This home is a retreat.

A short country drive will take you into the little town of San Francisco (San Pancho to the locals) where you can sit easily with other visitors and locals in the small town center enjoying the quiet beach; or you can find your way into Puerto Vallarta for more fast-paced fun.

The home fits up to 14 people, though three couples would be perfect; and the price is very reasonable considering the serenity of the location.

The Innkeepers

Bob and Susan live in Washington state when they are not in their San Pancho home. At times, they have lived here extensively — even enrolling their youngest in school for part of their education. They purchased this home in 2006, after vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for 10 years. They were lucky to find this perfect spot with ocean views and open construction in the quiet jungle with lots of room for family and friends.

Beige sand beach on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico.

A secret beach nearby Villas Susana.

Bob and Susan are not on-site Innkeepers, but have a staff to help guests with some daily needs. If you are lucky enough to enjoy their company, be sure to ask for a guided tour to a nearby private beach.

Find information about renting their home at VRBO.