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Traveling with a suitcase and being a tourist

Can you get the Best Hotel Rate by Booking Online?

An Insider’s look at online travel deals: In the beginning, there was the Travel Agent. She (or he) was your guide to all things travel. A trip to their office entailed long fanciful explorations of beautiful brochures and conversations about… Continue Reading →

From Gettysburg to Getting Anywhere Else

Or How to Save your Friendship with GPS Local sightseeing in the Atlantic Northeast is amazing. So much was close by our overnight location of Hockessin, Delaware: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, mushroom farming, Amish arts and crafts, Revolutionary and Civil War… Continue Reading →

The Language of Travel

All the news of Europeans not traveling to the US anymore couldn’t have been proved by our recent cross country expedition. Almost everywhere we stopped French, German, and Spanish were apparent — and in some cases, dominant. At the small… Continue Reading →

The Pitfalls of the Maiden Journey

The excitement of meeting this iron maiden was off set by the rigor of a red-eye flight and the trepidation that she could be hiding under that beautiful façade a jackpot of misery from almost 20 years of inertia. I… Continue Reading →

Sticky post

We dream of a life of great travels, but finding the vehicle to carry us forth is complicated.

Villas Susana, San Pancho Mexico

No matter how fabulous the location, travel lacks the element of the exquisite if the company isn’t nice. It’s why service in the hospitality industry is such a BFD, and why you choose the friends you travel with carefully. At Villas Susana,… Continue Reading →

Find a passion in Puerto Vallerta

Out of nowhere, everyone in my neck of the woods this past winter seemed to be going to Puerto Vallarta, with a side trip to Sayulita and even a few straying over to the tiny beach town of San Pancho… Continue Reading →

Belize Ocean Club

We were needing an amazing beach vacation when Travelzoo flashed a great deal on the Belize Ocean Club in Placencia. We made a snap decision and purchased almost on the spot. (March 2016) Luckily, it turned out to be an incredible buy…. Continue Reading →

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