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Traveling with a suitcase, like a tourist.

Old Adobe

Bringing Napa’s Oldest Building Back to Life As with many things that have lived a long time, the Old Adobe on the corner of Soscol Avenue and Silverado Trail has been glorious and seedy, renowned and rubble, loved and disabused,… Continue Reading →

Villas Susana, San Pancho Mexico

No matter how fabulous the location, travel lacks the element of the exquisite if the company isn’t nice. It’s why service in the hospitality industry is such a BFD, and why you choose the friends you travel with carefully. At Villas Susana,… Continue Reading →

Find a passion in Puerto Vallerta

Out of nowhere, everyone in my neck of the woods this past winter seemed to be going to Puerto Vallarta, with a side trip to Sayulita and even a few straying over to the tiny beach town of San Pancho… Continue Reading →

“Embrace” burns

Burning Man 2014, the hauntingly beautiful sculpture Embrace is ceremoniously burned. According to this story, in Business Insider, it was “made from 160,000 lbs of wood, (and was) a 72-foot-tall wooden cathedral-like sculpture on the same scale as the Statue of Liberty.”… Continue Reading →

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