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Into Hot Water

Locations and details of hot springs.

Creating Content that Matters

aka Value-Rich Content As marketers and business people we walk a fine line between explaining our product in a manner that achieves sales, and over-selling our product. The holy grail of marketing is selling 100 percent of your inventory at… Continue Reading →

The changing face of Marketing and the Mom & Pop enterprise

Marketing is one of the many hats a small businessperson is expected to wear in the pursuit of economic vitality. A number of years ago, this was a pretty straightforward activity. It typically consisted of a directory listing in the… Continue Reading →

Mercey Hot Springs, Firebaugh CA

We were lucky enough to stop at Mercey Hot Springs on a very cold, and beautifully clear November (2015) night with a magical full moon. The weather wanted to rain, but the California drought was persisting and evening showers were… Continue Reading →

Saline Valley, Death Valley CA

There is something other worldly about Saline Valley Warm Springs. In the vast dearth of the hostile Mohave, this is a little lick of soft green in a sharp brown world. Wild burros wander the surrounds, and frequent the campsites. In fact, they will… Continue Reading →

Travertine Hot Springs

Right outside of Bridgeport, California on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range is Travertine Hot Springs. Stunningly gorgeous, the springs are a great stop on the way to, or from Mammoth. The beautiful rocks playfully undulate with color… Continue Reading →

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